Terms & Conditions


Safety Equipment and Riding Wear:

Every time you handle a horse you are required to wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment ( P.P.E )

If you are not aware of current safety equipment please see www.bhs.org.uk/enjoy-riding/learning-to-ride/basic-equipment

Riding Helmets:

Must be worn and fastened at all times while riding a horse. Must be worn and fastened at all times while handling or a horse. Body Protectors:

Body Protectors must be worn for all cross country and jumping lessons We strongly recommend you wear one whenever riding.

Riding Footwear:

Clients must wear appropriate footwear while riding. We recommend toe protection whenever handling a horse.


You should not wear Jewellery of any kind, anything you wear you do so at your own risk. It’s the parent’s responsibility to check their child isn’t wearing Jewellery.

Extra Visitors and/or Friends of the Family:

Children must be supervised at all times by a legally responsible person. Parents are advised not to leave your children unattended at any time during their visit to Downlands Equestrian.

If spectating in the Indoor School, please remain as quiet as possible, and in full view of the horses/ponies & Instructor at all times. Whilst spectating, the Instructor reserves the right to ask you to leave the Indoor School if they feel the safety of the rider or horse/pony is in question.

Young Children: Must be supervised at all times by a responsible person and remain quiet whilst lessons are in progress and not to run around the viewing area.

Movement of Horses & ponies and Farm Equipment around the yard and surrounding areas is unavoidable and we ask you to give way to them at all times.

Warning Signs: We have many different warning signs all over the grounds, they are there for a reason, you must obey them. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the grounds at any time if we think you are a danger to yourself.

Smoking Policy: We have a No Smoking Policy.

Horses/PoniesAll animals are unpredictable; Do Not Feed the Horses & Ponies turned out in the paddocks at any time. Don’t enter any field, box or make contact with a Horse or Pony at any time, without prior authorisation from a member of Management

ALL Clients:

Must resubmit their Rider Registration Form if their details change. (the responsibility falls to the Parent/Guardian if the child is under 18).

Punctuality and Arrival Times:

Please ensure that you arrive in good time so you are ready to ride at the time you have booked to avoid any congestion or over-booking of facilities.

If you are late, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that you will be able to use the facilities. Please call Kerrie on 07734 299706 if you are going to be late to check availability.


All Bookings must be paid for in advance :

Please note that we do not have on site credit card facilities.

Payment for all bookings must be made prior to arrival. If for some reason you have been unable to do this please call Kerrie on 07734299706

It is a condition of booking that you accept our cancellation policy. If you fail to turn up, you will be required to pay in full.

How to Cancel your Booking:

If you have booked using our online booking system, please login into your account and cancel your booking. Your booking fee will be refunded For email & telephone bookings please email and your cancellation will be confirmed any refund due will be refunded

Refund of Cancelled bookings

In the event that you have to cancel for any reason, cancellation fees will be refunded in full provided you cancel more than 24 hours in advance.

If you fail to turn up, you will be required to pay in full.

For Group bookings please call Kerrie on 07734299706

Bad Weather or Conditions:

We are blessed in the Uk with frequent bouts of inclement weather and we may need to close some or all of the facilities at very short notice. Please check our Facebook page and/or our website on the morning of your visit to ensure that we are open.

We reserve the right to cancel bookings because of bad weather at any time. Management’s decision is final.

Downlands Prices from February 1st 2018

Cross country course, for as long as you need on any given day per horse/pony £25

Indoor or outdoor school per hour for up to 4 horses/ponies is £30, over 4 horses/ponies is £35

Parking and hacking is £10 for as long as you need on any given day

Use of the horse walker is £5

Cars, Bicycles: We cannot be held responsible for any damage to your transportation while on the premises/grounds. All vehicles are parked on the site at the owner’s risk.

Please drive slowly along our drive at all times. Maximum Speed on the premises is 10mph.

Walking along the drive is entirely at your own risk.

Personal Property: We cannot be held responsible for Damage, Theft or Loss of your personal property while it’s on the premises.

All horses must have up-to-date Flu and Tetanus vaccinations and a Strangles test before arrival, vaccination cards and current passport must be presented to the Yard Manager for entry into the Yard records

PLEASE NOTE: Downlands Equestrian Ltd, Owners, Staff and Managing agents cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss to any persons or their property whilst on these premises or whilst riding.

All breakages must be reported and paid for if necessary on the same day.


Agreement of Terms: If you do not agree with any of Terms and Conditions, then you do not have permission to enter the premises and any bookings are null and void. Our no Cancellation Policy applies in this situation as well because our Terms and Conditions are available online and on request at any time. As such you have every opportunity to read them before booking any activity and a refund will not be available on failure to accept them.