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How to Find Us & Other Information regarding your visit

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There are several routes to Downlands, via either Sutton Veny, Bishopstrow or Heytesbury – the latter is not advised for large lorries as the turn is quite tight and there is a 3 tonne weight limit. (All vehicles should take note that the Heytesbury route can be especially bad on a Sunday morning when there are extra cars parked outside the church).

From the A350 turn off at Longbridge Deverill by the petrol station/The George Inn – follow the signs to SUTTON VENY, turn right at the T junction in Sutton Veny and carry on this road until you come to TYTHERINGTON. Go straight through Tytherington and Downlands Equestrian is 200 yards on your righthand side.

From the A36 Cotley Hill Roundabout, which is at the Eastern end of the Warminster bypass either (advisable) go straight on towards WARMINSTER town centre, once in BISHOPSTROW, at a mini roundabout, turn left towards SUTTON VENY and carry on this road until you come to TYTHERINGTON. Go straight through Tytherington and Downlands Equestrian is 200 yards on your righthand side.

Alternatively, from the A36 Cotley Hill Roundabout, go into the village of HEYTESBURY, turn right by the Church – as mentioned above please bear in mind there is a tight turn and a narrow bridge (3 tonne limit) – once in TYTHERINGTON turn left and Downlands is 200 yards on your righthand side.


Other Important Information

It would be gratefully appreciated if once on the farm entrance that you drive slowly (less than 10mph PLEASE) all the way up the drive as there are farm dogs, children and horses on the farm at all times. Thank you.

Please park carefully and considerately. We respectfilly ask that visitors do not let their dogs out on the premises and please if you are spectating keep well clear of the XC fences. From a safety point of view it is especially important that you do not allow children (who are not riding) to wander on the course while it is being used.

Please note that Downlands Equestrian provides unsupervised schooling facilities and that on arrival you must sign the register which you will find located next to the Notice Board. We do have instructors available who can be booked in advance.

As soon as you have parked you must report to reception on the main yard where you must sign in.

We hope very much that you will enjoy your visit to Downlands.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to us. Thank you.

Downlands Equestrian Ltd
Downlands Church Farm
BA12 7AB

Phone: 07734 299706


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Downlands Equestrian

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Downlands is one of Wiltshire’s finest Equestrian Yards with great facilities to hire and Competition Venue for all disciplines.

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© 1997-2018  Downlands Equestrian Ltd.



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